Kia Patterson


INFPs are very hopeful not matter the time good or bad. Even though we sometimes mistaken as shy and reserved, we have passion burning inside of us. INFPs are often misunderstood because we do things out of passion not to be rewarded.


INFPs are very passionate, poring their all into speaking their beliefs, emotions, projects and many other things.

I'm always pushing to find away to put passion in to whatever it is I'm doing. I want to be able to look back at it and feel the amount of passion pored into it rather than a metal.

Very Creative

INFPs are very creative they have no trouble coming up with new ideas.

I'm constantly coming up with new things in my head. A single topic can have me coming up with may different ideas.


INFPs are very optimistic and someones misunderstood. friends and Family depend on them for their optimism.

People are always coming to me for advice or just to make them laugh. I love being able to help someone through a hard time or just to make their day brighter.


INFPs are dedicated to whatever they start. Sometimes giving up they always go back to what they started thinking about how it will impact someone else.

I stay dedicated to the things I start. Sometimes I wanna quite but I know if I do there is a chance that what i was making could have made someones day.