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April 29, 2016

News from Plano Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

May 1st Is National Interpreters Day

We have the BEST!!! Please show your appreciation to them. They work tirelessly to give our students the communication access that they need for classes and activities.

PSHS Team Travels to Washington, D.C. for National Academic Bowl Competition

By - Caroline Metersky

The consistent sound of a buzzer, the pride you feel when your team wins a match, when your friend from another state's team wins a match, even the bittersweet goodbye to your friend who lives across the country, all of that, that is part of what makes Academic Bowl great. Truly, it is an experience cut too short that I will never forget, and one that has changed me forever, for the better. Academic Bowl brought me to the realization that there are deaf people out there, and that I CAN still make amazing connections as I did at Plano Senior High with my fellow deaf students.

We have had our ups and downs, just like every friendship does. Academic Bowl not only bonded us as a team, forcing each of us to use our strengths to their advantages: Tommy-Science, Kyle-Pop Culture and the Arts, Amari-Sports and Language Arts, Me-Social Studies and Mathematics. It also brought us closer as a group of friendships that none of us will ever forget. The team members are indeed important, but we cannot forget the coaches. Although there was a Hall of Fame induction ceremony closing the competition, there will always be two members of my personal Hall of Fame: Leslie Allen and Pauline Decker.

It all began at regionals taking place in Denver, Colorado in February 2016. This Academic Bowl outlet consisted of nine teams in the Southwest region. Regionals was particularly memorable, because we won third place, cementing our place at nationals soon to come in April, in Washington, DC. Even though we didn't win at nationals, none of us are disappointed due to our status as the first Plano team to have reached nationals level. Here's how Academic Bowl works: each school that is participating provides four deaf team members to compete against each other in a series of matches consisting of three rounds, with a variety of categories. The categories involve Pop Culture, the Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies, Current Events, Mathematics, and Science. Academic Bowl challenges you to better yourself, to overcome your own difficulties to get to where you want to be. In our case, our goal was to get to nationals, which we achieved.

We almost didn't make it to Washington. We won our final match in Denver against Phoenix, only by four points. Very nerve-wrecking. But no words can express how proud each of us are of ourselves, nor can they express our gratitude to our supporters, our coaches, our friends and families. We even had a friend fly with us to Washington from Texas just to watch us compete. Although we only won one match there, we felt the constant support of not only our friends, families, and coaches, but also the deaf community and of course, the influential Nyle DiMarco, who made an appearance.

Academic Bowl has a way of forging friendships and making goodbyes extremely difficult despite meeting them only days before. It is an accumulation of hard work, passion, and friendship. In the words of Jesse Saunders, we all are part of the Academic Bowl family. Forever.

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Optimist CCDHH Speech Contest

Save the date of May 18 at 6:00 for the Optimist Club Communication Contest for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The topic this year is "How my Best Brings Out the Best in Others." It is a wonderful opportunity for our students, grades 5 and up to participate in a speech contest. If your child would like to participate, please contact their deaf education teacher for an application and a copy of the rules. Today is the deadline to sign up.

Dates to Know:

May 18 @ 6:00 - Optimist CCDHH Speech Contest

May 3 @ 4:30 - 5:30 - Davis Kindergarten Sneak Peak for new students and parents

May 19@ 6:30 Parent Meeting & Student Social - Pot Luck Dinner

June 3 - Last day for students in PISD

July 18 - 20 - Statewide Conference on Education for the Deaf

Davis Kindergarten Sneak Peak - Tuesday, May 3 from 4:30 -5:30 for more information go to-

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