Rosemary Middle School

September 2019 News

Rosemary Middle

LaTanya Brown Goodson - Principal

Reginald Thompson - Assistant Principal

Rhonda Britton - Curriculum Coach


Rosemary Middle School will provide engaging, differentiated instruction and support to ensure all students succeed.


Students needs are the focus of all decisions.


Rosemary Middle School Staff will create a safe and nurturing environment where student’s academic, emotional and social development is a top priority.

Dear Cobra Families

This year is off to an amazing start!

Thank you to all of the parents, who attended our Meet the Teacher Event. We had an excellent turn out. Your support in working as a team to help prepare our students for success is greatly appreciated.

Within the next couple of weeks, our students will be taking a Diagnostic test so teachers can determine how to best instruct them during our Cobra Time, which is a time in our daily schedule to provide remediation and enrichment lessons. It is going to be imperative that your child takes their time during the test. In addition, the students will set goals and will be working toward these goals until our Spring State Test. During our parent/teacher conferences in October, teachers will share the results and the goals with you. Ask your child at any time to communicate their goals and progress with you. We BELIEVE in our students and our entire Cobra Team!

We welcome parent volunteers at Rosemary. Thanks for all that you do! Please make sure to get the paperwork from the office.

Thank you parents for working with us to make Rosemary Middle a school of academic excellence. We BELIEVE in our students!

LaTanya Goodson, Principal

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The faculty and staff are encouraging our students to be unplugged during the day; therefore every morning we announce to the students that they are entering a learning zone at Rosemary Middle and all cell phones must be placed in their locker between 7:30 am - 2:55 pm. Please help to reinforce our new policy.

Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 11th, if students don't have their permanent ID, they will be issued a temp ID each day. Temp fees cost $0.25 cents each time. Please encourage your child to have their permanent ID each day.

Our district has implemented a new sign-in/check out system this year. Each time you check your child out of school you will need to scan your license. The information will not be saved each time so it is important for you to bring your license into the building each time your child is checked out.

We have a new behavior matrix that our school adopted this year. Attached you will find the matrix so you know what is expected of your child during the school day.

GCSD is participating in the state's e-learning Pilot Program this year. e-Learning day is intended to keep students safe at home during inclement weather, while providing an opportunity to make up the instructional time for all learners at a later date, designated by the district. e-Learning day(s) will count as a day that students attended school and prevent having to make-up that day later in the school year. Attached you will find two letters, one further explaining the program and the other an agreement form that must be completed and returned to school on or before Friday, Sept. 13th.

Reminder about Dress Code

  1. The length of skorts, shorts, skirts, and dresses should be no shorter than two inches above the knees; this includes slits in skirts, dresses and holes in jeans/pants. (Dollar Bill rule applies)
  2. Pants must be worn at the waist. Belts must be buckled, sashes tied, and buttons buttoned.
  3. Clothing must be worn with appropriate undergarments. Garments worn under pants, skorts, skirts, and dresses must never be visible. Undershirts customarily worn as undergarments must not be worn without shirts or blouses over them. If leggings are worn under skirts, shorts, or dresses, the skirts, shorts, and dresses must be no shorter than two inches above the knees (Dollar Bill rule applies).
  4. Tank tops, tight shirts, low-cut shirts, shirts which expose the waist (in a standing or in a sitting position), shirts with spaghetti straps, tube tops, sheer blouses, or shirts that cause undue attention must not be worn.
  5. Pajamas and bedroom shoes are not to be worn to school during the school day or to after-school events.

Attendance counts, all day, every day!


This is a reminder that students must be in the building by 7:50 am each morning to avoid consequences. We are excited to have your scholars on campus, and we need to take advantage of every instructional moment. Please help us accomplish this task by making sure that your scholars are in the building between 7:05 am and 7:50 am. Thank you for helping us meet the needs of our students.

Technology Forms

Make sure that you and your child have completed and signed the Internet Acceptable Use Form and Chromebook Policy. Your child will not be issued a Chromebook without having either of these file.


Make sure that the school has your updated telephone number and email address so that you can stay abreast of what is going on here at Rosemary Middle. Contact Linda Dorsey if you need to make corrections in PowerSchool.

School-Wide Fundraiser

This year's school-wide fundraiser will be Slice the Price Domino's Pizza Cards. More information will be sent home on Monday, Sept. 16th. Proceeds support various student activities throughout the year.
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