The Need for Water

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Chemical Reactions

Water helps break food down into nutrients before passing them through the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream.


Minerals, vitamins, glucose, and other substances dissolve in water and can then be absorbed by the body. Blood, which is mostly water, carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Cushioning and Moisturizing

Water cousins joints, tissues, and organs to protect them from shock.

Water keeps your eyes, mouth, nose, and skin from drying out.

Waste Removal

Water helps filter out pollutants and toxins and get rid of waste.

Temperature Regulation

Your body cools itself by releasing heat in the form of perspiration or sweat.
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When you inhale, your body adds moisture to the air so that the lungs can process it.
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Overall Well-Being

You feel better and have more energy when you have enough water.
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