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Candle Gems - great gifts for women OR men!

Candle Gems are highly scented, all-natural soy wax candles that have a ring inside as a bonus! You can choose a men's or women's ring, and you are GUARANTEED to get the size you order! It's two gifts in one, and sure to please anybody! On sale now - regularly $24.99, get your Candle Gems candles for only $22.99 each!

Order your Special Edition "Sugar 'N Spice" Candle Gems candle today! Only available through 1/31/14 - get your order in now to ensure delivery by Valentine's Day! $24.99 each for this special triple-layered candle! Add in some other goodies, like a room spray or bar of soy soap, and you have the makings for a great gift! Place your order through me for any Candle Gems candle, and get a full-size room spray for half price! (Not available via my website; you MUST order through me directly!)