Good attitudes = Good outcomes

What is it?

Bullying is your typical face to face emotional interaction with two or more people that are arguing. Cyberbullying is that of bullying but on media devices that let us connect to the internet. Bullying on the internet is called "Cyberbullying", which can harm your emotional state. People on social media need to watch out for bullies including parents who have kids going on media all the time.

Ways to get rid of your bullies

There are ways to get rid of the bully online. Many people can usually ignore nonsense messages like I do, or if it gets too extreme then you can block them on the social site. You can also report them online, or talk about it with a parent/guardian. You can simply turn off the computer and do something else to ease the mind and get rid of the nasty messages out of your head.

Things you should not do online...

1) Don't stalk other people

2) Don't post inappropriate things

3) Don't bully people

4) Don't criticize or judge anyones' profile pictures, hobbies, etc.