Mrs. Anderson's Newsletter

What's Happening in 4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade Ms. Hyames!

Ms. Hyames will be student teaching in our classroom for the rest of the school year. We are extremely excited to have her with us. She is eager to learn all about 4th grade by teaching lessons, doing fun projects and going on field trips with our class! Your son or daughter will have the pleasure to learn from Ms. Hyames and also teach her all about Amherst Elementary School. She has included a letter introducing herself to all the families in our class. Enjoy reading All About Ms. Hyames!

Our field trip to Spectra Print & Dairy State Cheese Factory

We had a great time last week on our field trip to Spectra Print and Dairy State Cheese Factory. While at Spectra Print we learned the process of print making by beginning in the graphic design room and following a print all the way through the factory. We even came back with our own classroom poster! After Spectra Print we ate lunch at Golden Corral and I was extremely proud of how respectful and polite our class was while in the restaurant. Finally, we arrived at Dairy State Cheese Factory and learned about the 25 different kinds of cheeses the factory makes. We watched a movie on the cheese making process and were even lucky enough to see the employees making cheese curds. Our favorite part of the tour was when we sampled cheese curds and ice cream. Kids even got to smell German cheese, which smelled like stinky socks!

Introduction to Electricity

Our class has begun a science unit on electricity. So far we have learned about the parts that make up an atom and are able to define some important vocabulary words like protons, neutrons and electrons. In this unit our class will be experimenting with electrical circuits and determining which set-ups will properly light a bulb.

Also at home kids should be building their houses or structures to bring into school no earlier than Friday, April 22nd to be wired at a later date. The students seem excited and cannot wait until the Parade of Homes, where they can show off their houses to their friends and family! The Parade of Homes will be on Tuesday, May 10th from 3:30-5:30pm. Keep up the hard work and if you have further questions about helping your son or daughter build their house please email me.

Forward Testing

Next week, we will be doing state wide testing in 4th grade. All kids will be taking the Forward Exam this year in Math, English/Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. Our class will be testing Tuesday, April 19 through Friday, April 22nd. Each day we will only be testing for about two hours completing one subject area per day. It is important that students are in attendance for testing and come with full stomachs and lots of rest. The school wants them to do the best they can, to show us what they know.