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Garage Door Service Repair in Illinois

Repainting your garage doors every few years, or even every year for some cases, is important since not only does it revamp the appearance of your garage door and even the entire home, but it also protects the garage door from the effects of the weather. This helps in extending the typical lifespan of a garage door. This will also help your entire home look better in the long run, of course, since even if just one spot looks faded or shabbier than the rest, then it will look worse for wear overall. Luckily, painting a garage door isn’t that hard. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • First, check the weather outside before beginning your work. It’s best to work when the weather is fair, so that the rain or snow won’t wash off the paint that you will work hard to apply on the door. Working when it’s too hot or too cold isn’t good for the garage door either, and so would working when you’re under direct sunlight. Also, make sure that if you’re painting a new shade over a previous one that the old paint won’t show through.

  • Before you start painting on the door, make sure that you thoroughly have it cleaned first. Many people may claim that specialty cleaning materials are the best things for the job but did you know that a good scrub with a soapy sponge is enough? Keep the door clean to make sure that your paint can be applied evenly. Before you proceed to scrubbing and drying the door, sand off some peeling paint first. Once done, tape the areas that you won’t paint and put newspaper below you.

  • If you want things to be done easier and the paint applied more evenly, use a roller. Apply primer first. Use a brush for more detailed areas. This is especially useful if you’re planning to change the color of your garage door so that the old hue will not show through the new one and helps make the paint be even. Let the primer dry before applying another coat, or before proceeding to painting. If you don’t have time to apply primer, you might want to use paint that already has primer built into it.

  • Now using the shade you have selected, you can paint the door. Don’t be afraid to take time applying a coat of paint, and use a brush if you need to detail some other areas. Use a roller to apply the rest of it evenly on the surface though. You might choose to add a second coating of paint once the first one dries, especially if you used a light color like yellow, mint green or orange. Make sure that you let it dry thoroughly before removing the tape and the newspaper below it.

Painting your garage door is a good project to work on during your free time. If you need help for your garage doors here in Illinois, visit