Andrew Jackson a hero!

we will find out that president Andrew Jackson was a hero!

How is Andrew Jackson a hero?

Andrew Jackson, not a hero? He was a president who fought in the war to win freedom from the east. Andrew Jackson was a major general and lead over 1,500 troops in south Natchez to defend New Orleans he was given the command at the coast of the southern frontier he prevented the British invasion and won the battle in New Orleans. He was also a good general to the casualties between the two sides were 2,000 British to 70 Americans! This is why president Andrew Jackson was a true hero. He fought to be free, he cared for his country and he wanted the best for the people.

Andrew Jackson and the nullification crisis

President Andrew Jackson can also maintain national security as South Carolina was at the edge of the cliff and were going to succeed but instead Jackson put a force bill into place which made South Carolina pay the taxes involved in their tariffs. If South Carolina refused from the force bill it allowed Andrew Jackson to order the military to go and attack South Carolina so this made things very intense between Jackson and South Carolina. Jackson was not using his power to be unconstitutional he used his powers to keep national security in place and to keep South Carolina in place to show who was in charge. In doing so president Jackson proved himself to get his way one way or another. If that was by forcing South Carolina to pay the taxes or by ordering an army he knew how to keep things in check and how to maintain national security.
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National Bank gone!

On September 10,1833 President Andrew Jackson cut all the funds going into the 2nd national bank of the United States. This was Jackson's first major step to defeating the national bank and all of the denied funds from the national bank went to the various state banks to make them grow larger than the national bank. In addition to this he also said that all deposits going into the National Bank would be denied after October 1st. Finally Andrew Jackson had succeeded in defeating the national bank and the bank officially expired in 1836. Andrew Jackson did this for the people so they did not need to pay any more taxes to the national bank. He became one of the most well known presidents of the United States for this accomplishment and this was what Andrew Jackson truly wanted to do for the people. He proved this on his death bed by saying "i have defeated the bank!"
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester

history VS Andrew Jackson video

This video shows how president Andrew Jackson was the good president of the people. He fought in the war and he was a general and in his command, won many battles with very few casualties. He also vetoed the 2nd national bank of the United States because they were stealing funds from state banks and from the people to make their bank more wealthy and more powerful over time. President Jackson noticed this problem straight away. He was also the common mans president. He gave the common man better jobs, he downgraded the people with more money and that could actually support themselves. If this seems unfair the wealthy people only cared about the money and cared for themselves while the common man are here making supplied buildings and growing their food for them. They don't get money like the wealthy do as they're the ones feeding the wealthy and the wealthy don't like that. They can barely support themselves while the wealthy clearly can and they act like this and i think thats unfair.

Andrew Jackson versus the national banks evil men

This specific political picture shows that Andrew Jackson had to defeat the national bank all by himself and he only had the people to lead him through this hard time filled with an anger filled Andrew Jackson he thought that all of the members in the national bank were evil and they only care about their money and how their money makes them more powerful in the way where they can buy out all of the state banks and use the state banks as ways to extend their wealth and would buy land to take it for themselves but Jackson put a quick end to these selfish people and he "slayed all of the workers in the National Bank"as shown in the picture above that it took a long time for Andrew Jackson to accomplish this for him and his people.