Kindergarten Library Newsletter

Friday, October 10

Wow! That's a big pumpkin!

This week when the Kindergarteners visited the library we sure did have a lot of fun together! At story time we read The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, by Steven Kroll.

The story is about two mice that find the same pumpkin and decide to help it grow as big as possible. Desmond the field mouse and Clayton do not know that the other mouse is feeding and watering the pumpkin and before long the pumpkin is bigger than a house! The children and I enjoyed making predictions about how they would get the pumpkin to the contest in the town square and wow did they have some creative ideas!

We discussed how authors have the fun job of deciding how things like this are going to happen and we laughed and laughed when we saw the 100 field mice pulling the pumpkin down the hill with motorcycles.

Kindergarteners are doing a great job using their shelf markers to help them as they search for books and once they check out they settle right into centers. This week's centers included: illustration, puzzles, writing, learning palette's (working on initial sounds) and of course they had the chance to read their newly chosen books.

Another great week!

Mrs. Brenner

The Biggest Pumpkin Ever