Getty Villa Trip

Quarter 2

Getty Villa Field Trip

Our trip is tomorrow: Monday, October 28. We will meet in Room 202 at 7:00. to go over field trip details and then to meet our bus at 7:10. Please be on time, the bus will be making a second stop at Canyon High School. Don't forget to bring a sack lunch and leave large items behind (no backpacks). If you have any questions please send them my way ASAP.

This Week's Agenda

This week we will be meeting on Monday for our trip and Friday. Details are available on our weekly calendar:

October 27 - November 2

Important Dates:

Getty Villa Trip, 10/28

Unit 6 Reading Quiz 1, due 10/28

No School, 10/29

Class Cancelled, 10/30

Life in Ancient Rome Assignment, 11/2


Blackbook Sessions 17

An outstanding non-profit organization that serves school-aged youth. They are committed to empowering and inspiring young talented minds. Each year they have shows in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside. Their next art show is in Riverside. Lots of free food, stickers, posters, live painting. My guess is that they will be in Orange County this Spring.

More details here.

"One Rat Short"

One Rat Short