Aunt Elda Lab

By Matt Wadsworth

What is Anesthesia?

The administration of gas or injection of a drug so there is less pain during an operation. Anesthesia can kill you if the wrong amount is used.

Berrs Law

Relates light properties to the material it is flowing through

Have I ever used it?

Yes when i had teeth pulled

Was the anesthesia too high?

The concentration of anesthesia was too high and killed poor Aunt Elda
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We used a colorimeter to find the darkness of the liquid the darker it was the higher the percentage the higher the anesthesia the percentage of anesthesia that was too much was 40% the absorbance of that was .340 and aunt Eldas was .456 which is way too high
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These are the cuvettes we put in the colorimeter to test how much light is blocked

Each one has a different percentage of anesthesia to find out if aunt Eldas is too high or if something else caused her death.

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This is the graph that showed the results of the colorimeter tests