Burke Registration Corner

Registration Information for the 2021-2022 School Year

Dear Students and Parents,

Each spring 9th-11th grade students choose the courses they will take for the upcoming school year. This process is called Registration. Burke High is committed to supporting students in the registration process through classroom presentations by Teachers and Counselors. Students will have time in their classes and in advisement/homeroom to learn about courses and make their course choices. Students will enter their course choices into their Academic Planner, which is in their Student Portal account in Infinite Campus. Counselors will review and verify courses chosen by students to insure student is on track for graduation and their post graduation plans. Timeline below.

Timeline of Registration Process

Dates and Events

Date(s) Event

Jan. 26-29 - Elective course videos shared with students in an email and in their Advisement time in blocks 5 & 6

Jan. 26-Feb. 5 - Teachers share information about courses offered within their respective department.

Jan. 26-Feb.12 - Teachers will be able to make recommendations for student courses for the 21-22 school year.

Feb. 1 - Burke Course Guide becomes live on the Burke webpage, under the Academics tab, at burke.ops.org

Feb. 1-4 - Students & Parents receive the enclosed documents by mail and in an email.

Feb. 3 - Academic Planner in Infinite Campus opens for students.

Feb. 4-10 - Counselors present a lesson to students in English and ESL, English as a Second Language classrooms.

Feb. 4-19 - Students make their course choices in their Academic Planner for courses for the 21-22 school year.

Feb. 4-19 - Students' Assigned School Counselor is available by phone, email, in person or in a Team meeting to provide guidance and answer questions. Counselor contact information is at bottom.

Feb. 9-12 - Teachers and Counselors will be available through Parent/Teacher Conferences Bookings to answer questions about course choices for the 21-22 school year.

>Separate email communication will be sent by Burke Administration about the process for conferences.

Feb. 19 - Deadline for students to enter course choices for 21-22 into their Academic Planner

Feb. 22-26 - Counselors will verify course choices and will consult grades, credits, graduation requirements, the course guide and teacher recommendations.

April. 23 - Deadline for students with parent permission to make changes to courses for 21-22. Student and parent contact assigned School Counselor to request changes to courses taken in 21-22.

20-21 Temporary Course Numbers

Temporary Number / 20-21 Class

0019TEMP01 Physical Science Recovery 1

0019TEMP02 Physical Science Recovery 2

0019TEMP03 Biology 1 Recovery

0019TEMP04 Biology 2 Recovery

0019TEMP05 Zero Hour AP lit

0019TEMP07 Baseball Avd Weights

0019TEMP08 Dystopian Literature

039TEMP01 US History 1 Recovery

039TEMP02 US History 2 Recovery

039TEMP03 Human Geography Recovery

039TEMP04 Intro to Economics Recovery

039TEMP05 Modern World History 1 Recovery

039TEMP06 Modern World History 2 Recovery

Instructions to Register for Classes on Infinite Campus

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Video Instructions for Registration Process

Please click on the grade level Microsoft Stream Video to help assist you with the registration of your classes in Infinite Campus.

Current 9th grader going to 10th grade

Current 10th graders going to 11th grade

Current 11th graders going to 12th grade

2021-2022 Course Guidebooks

Quick links for the Course Guidebooks you will need to reference for class choices.

Burke Course Guide Grades 9-10

Burke Course Guide Grades 11-12

Registration Sheets Per Grade

Use registration sheets to guide you when choosing the classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

Burke High School Elective Fair

The link below will access the entire elective menu for our students. Just FYI – those courses which supplant graduation requirements (AP World History for World History as an example) are not included. The electives here are those that students could add outside of the needed graduation requirements.

Click here to view Elective Fair

Honors or Advanced Placement (AP)

Honors and Advanced Placement courses meet the same graduation requirements as non-honors. Honors and AP courses move at an accelerated pace, include greater degrees of performance, and infuse increased levels of thinking. If you are looking to challenge yourself, we encourage you to consider Honors or AP courses. District prerequisites and placement guidelines include measures for successful placement in core honors courses. For students who are interested in advanced coursework, but do not meet the course prerequisites, an exception may be requested through school counselor, parents/guardians, and students.

Can Burke students take classes at Burke and earn college credit? YES they can. Are you interested?

There are two ways for a Burke student to earn college credit while attending Burke High School.

Option 1 to earn college credit:

Take an Advanced Placement, AP course; list of AP courses is on page 10 of the course guide. Once you are in an AP course you will be given the opportunity to register for the AP Exam. If you take the AP Exam for your AP course and earn a score of 3, 4 or 5 you can share that score with the college you plan to attend after you graduate from Burke. The college will determine what credits to award you based on their agreements with College Board. College Board is the organization that runs AP.

Option 2 to earn college credit at Burke:

Take a class listed on the AP-Dual Enrollment list (attached below). Some the courses for dual enrollment are AP courses, but not all. Please look at the current list of dual enrolled courses. The attached list is for the 20-21 school year and may change as teachers change. If you take a course that Burke dual enrolls with you will have the option next fall to register with one of our partner colleges to earn college credit. Dual enrollment means you get Burke credit and college credit for the same class. There is a fee for dual enrollment and the fee will be communicated in the fall of the school year. There is a scholarship available to students with financial hardship called the ACE Scholarship to cover dual enrollment fees. Details for the scholarship are shared each fall.

Human Growth and Development

In 2016 the Board of Education of the Omaha Public Schools District approved updated content standards for Human Growth and Development for grades 4th – 8th and 10th. The Board of Education provides parents and guardians the opportunity to “opt” their child out of individual lessons taught or the entire course. If you have any questions about the lessons, please contact your child’s Human Growth teacher.

Please return the form below to your assigned school counselor. Completed forms may also be scanned or picture taken and emailed to your assigned counselor. All forms are due by Feb 19th.

Class Release

Omaha Public Schools encourages students to maintain a rigorous course of study for maximum exposure to college, career and life ready curriculum while enrolled. Because of the implications for college admission and athletic eligibility, students and parent/guardians are strongly encouraged to ascertain how early dismissal might impact admission to the colleges and universities to which they are applying.

Please note the items below in making this decision:

  • Any student planning to attend a four-year college or university after graduation should bear in mind that college admissions counselors prefer applicants to enroll in a rigorous course of study throughout high school, including during the senior year.
  • It is advised that any student considering a reduced course load consult with college admission counselors to determine how this might impact acceptance or enrollment. Advisement on this matter may vary from one post-secondary institution to another.
  • Any student athlete, to meet NSAA rules of enrollment - Student must be continually enrolled in at least 4 courses per semester and regular in attendance, in accordance with the school's attendance policy at the school he/she wishes to represent in interscholastic competition.

Please return the form below to your assigned school counselor. Completed forms may also be scanned or picture taken and emailed to your assigned counselor. All forms are due by Feb 19th.

Early Graduation

Early Graduation is an option for some students but not always beneficial. The guidelines below should be carefully reviewed and considered before applying for Early Graduation.


  • Only students in their third year of high school may apply for Early Graduation.
  • Only students who have earned a minimum of 33 credits by January of their junior year are eligible to apply for January graduation in their senior year.
  • Students needing summer school or any credit recovery following the application submission deadline are not eligible.

Application Process:

  • As part of the application process, a parent/guardian must conference with their student’s assigned counselor.
  • This conference must take place prior to the application deadline. Students must submit the completed application during the annual spring registration process.
  • Deadline to submit is the last day prior to spring break.
  • A conference will be held with the student’s assigned counselor, building principal, and data administrator to review recommendation.
  • The principal has final approval and a counselor will verify that all OPS requirements have been completed.

Points to consider:

___ Early graduates will not be considered for senior class honors, National Honor Society, or any scholarships awarded by the High School Scholarship committee.

___ Seniors planning to attend a four-year university remove themselves from convenient access and support with the scholarship application process.

___ Most colleges prefer that high school students complete the entire senior year to take advantage of rigorous high school coursework preparing them for a successful transition to college.

___ Students involved in athletics, activities, and advanced coursework in areas of interest are advised to complete their last year in those programs.

___ There is no commencement ceremony in January. Parents/guardians need to indicate below whether or not their students will participate in May ceremonies to receive diploma.

Please return the form below to your assigned school counselor. Completed forms may also be scanned or picture taken and emailed to your assigned counselor. All forms are due by Feb 19th.

Career Center Classes

Interested in hands-on relevant learning with industry certified instructors, the latest technology, and advanced equipment? Career Center wants YOU! Our 11 Pathways align to high wage, high skill, and high demand careers - not to mention provide access to certifications, early college credit, and work-based learning. Click here to see a video and for more info!

Quick, Easy, & Convenient Application Process

Classes Available in the following areas:

  • Certified Nurses Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Collison Repair and Refinishing
  • Construction
  • Welding
  • Electrical Systems Technology
  • Digital Video Production
  • Information Support and Networking

To APPLY - CLICK HERE and fill out the form!

Any questions please contact:

Michelle Romano michelle.romano@ops.org 531-299-9666

Susan Barnes susan.barnes@ops.org 531-299-7695

Metro Community College Career Academies

Big picture

Burke Tryouts and Coach Information


*Students who participate in extracurricular activities can do better in school, develop close

friendships, get to know the school and teachers better, and have more opportunities after high school.

NCAA Eligibility

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) uses Core GPA. This GPA takes the grades and credits from NCAA-approved core courses (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and International Languages).

See attachment below for specific classes used for Core GPA.

Summer School :)

  • More information about summer school will be posted once OPS Leadership shares the information with Burke.
  • Please check back soon for updates.

Burke Counselors

Mr. Don Ferree (N,T,U,V,W) donald.ferree@ops.org 531-299-9665

Mrs. Lalia Hart (P,B) lalia.hart@ops.org 531-299-3914

Ms. Madelene McCracken (E,H,L,Y) madelene.mccracken@ops.org 531-299-3791

Ms. Josie McDonnell (D,I,S,Z) josie.mcdonnell@ops.org 531-299-8992

Ms. Micaela Moriarty (J,K,R) micaela.moriarty@ops.org 531-299-3910

Mrs. Nadine Reyes (C,G,O) nadine.reyes@ops.org 531-299-3012

Mrs. Kim Schumacher kimberly.schumacher@ops.org 531-299-3916

Mrs. Hope Smejkal (Director) (A,F,X) hope.smejkal@ops.org 531-299-3917

Mrs. Anne Beacom (School Social Worker) anne.beacom@ops.org 531-299-3925

Mrs. Diane Linkugel (Counseling Secretary) diane.linkugel@ops.org 531-299-2589