Ancient China's Geography

By: Gabe Dugaw

Introduction to China's Geography

The geography of China is amazing! It has been around since ancient Chinese times. They range from mountain ranges to expansive plains. The geography of this country is 3,250 miles from east to west. That's like driving from Florida to Washington state then driving another 173 miles! China has many other crazy and fascinating facts like that.
Himalayan Mountains

Natural landmarks of China

China has many geographical features including sunken basins, islands, expansive plains, and mountain ranges. Also seacoasts, lowlands, foothills, and steppes. A steppe is a large area of flat unforested grassland. Some other geographical features are subtropical areas, plateaus, and even massifs. A massif is a compact group of mountains especially ones separate from other larger groups. The weather in the south is tropical because of the monsoon winds which are made due to differences in the warmth-absorbing capacity of the ocean and continent. In quite the contrast the north, including China's northernmost point along the Amur river, is a subarctic area.
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The country of China has many measurements that could blow your mind. Like did you know that China is the fourth largest country only behind the countries of the USA, Canada, and Russia. It can achieve this feat because it controls a grand total of 9,596,960 kilometers squared. That is 9,326,410 kilometers squared on land and 270,550 kilometers squared water. From north to south China is 3400 miles or about 5500 kilometers. Now west to east is a little bit smaller at 3250 miles or about 5250 kilometers. The land boundaries around China are a wopping 22,143.34 kilometers altogether. Talk about crowded!!!

China's Neighboring Countries

While we are on the topic of China's neighbors lets talk about all of the countries and water masses nearby. Like for example the 14 countries that border China from all sides. Altogether the boundaries are 22,143.34 kilometers. You might want to get ready because the list is super long and boring. There is Mongolia to the north, Russia and North Korea to the northeast, the Yellow Sea and East China Sea to the east, South China Sea to the southeast (don't ask me i'm not the one that made the name), Vietnam, Laos, Myanomer (Burma), India, Bhutan, and Nepal to the south, Pakistan to the southwest, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan to the west. Wow we finally got through all of those crazy country names. Good job!
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China;s geography is so surprisingly crazy! All of its features make the rest of the world look like a blank sheet of papaer while China is a journel full of crazy and wacky colors and pictures.
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Good bye for now!