Junior High Journal

Norfolk Jr. High

By Ana J.

Little Miss Muffet

One day on July 18, 2014, a girl named Little Miss Muffet went to the park.When Little Miss Muffet went to the park, she sat down at a picnic table to eat her curds.Little Miss Muffet started to eat, when a spider sat down right beside her and Little Miss Muffet went running away.When she ran away, she ended up under a bridge.While under the bridge, she met an old man named Bob. Bob was a nice kind old man with a dog named Joe.

Micheal Brown’s story

Michael Brown was shot and killed by Officer Wilson. He was shot by Wilson because he stole something from a store.The officer was in the car and there is a bullet hole on the outside of the car and the DNA on the gun was of Micheal, but he didn’t touch the gun.The DNA on his shirt didn’t match Wilson and he was trying to pull Michael into the car by the neck. Micheal was shot in the back and chest. When Michael was shot, they ran away for two or three minutes and were caught again. Michael weighed about 300 pounds and 50 more than Wilson.There was a bruise on the officer’s chest and Michael didn’t hit him.The bloody trail of Michael shows that he went toward the officer. Before he went after them, he sat in shock and then went after them.

Into the woods

Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford) was sent into the woods, and so were a lot of other people, but they had different ways and paths. They were sent to the woods to give different things to a witch, so that they can lift a spell on their families.

The Life Of Ana Jacinto

Ana Jacinto was recognized as the best vet in Massachusetts.She attended Norfolk High School and was in track. After she graduated, she went to Harvard University and got a degree to be a vet. Ana loves to travel with her two children and husband. Her hobbies as a forty-year-old are running and swimming. In the future, Ana Jacinto plans to travel to Mexico, Hawaii, France,Tokyo, Las Vegas, Miami, and the Caribbean Sea.

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