C.A.M.P. at Home

Lone Star Longhorns Learning at Home

Week of May 4 - 8

Computer and Library

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This week we are learning about Africa!

Trickster Tales

MakerSpace and Tech

Tumble Book Library Login Information

Free eBook Resources

LSE Usernames and Passwords


Click here for Mrs. Ritchie's Website and the Doodle Challenge Calendar! Click on each day for a drawing guide! All of my drawing videos can also be found on my webpage!

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This week we are going on an African Safari!!

Talking Elephants with Mrs. Ritchie

paper, markers/crayons, glue, scissors

Try these fun Safari animal projects!

Popsicle Stick Tiger

Popsicle sticks, paper, markers, glue, scissors

Safari Pet Rocks

Rocks, paint, markers, google eyes (optional)

Draw a Giraffe – YouTube link

paper, marker/crayon

Tissue Paper Hippo

Paper, scissors, tissue paper, glue, marker

Cupcake Liner Zebra

Cupcake liner (they suggest zebra print, but you could easily draw that on with marker), paper, glue, marker, scissors

How to Draw a Lion – YouTube link

Paper, marker/crayon


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This week you can learn about "Percussion in Africa" and even make your own percussion instruments at home! Be sure to email pictures of your percussion creations to me.

Click on the link below for an intro to this week's lesson and some "how to" instructions.

Percussion in Africa - video tutorial with Mrs. Gauthier

To enjoy and explore everything in this lesson, students will need to access Quavermusic. If you haven't created an account yet, click on the link below:

How to Access Quavermusic

Once you have created your account, you can start exploring the different features of your Student Dashboard. Be sure to click on the ASSIGNMENTS button and select the "Percussion in Africa" assignment.

If you have any trouble when creating your account, please email me at andrea.gauthier@misd.org

P.E. with Mrs. Wisnieske and Mrs. Jones

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We would love to see you working out! Email pictures to Mrs. Wisnieske at sherrie.wisnieske@misd.org.

We hope you are enjoying working out and exercising to some workout videos. Click on all of them and see which workouts you like the best. This week there is Field Day at Home Events, Line Dancing, and Cardio Workouts.

FIELD DAY FUN at HOME with The Wisnieske Family

Since we will not have an opportunity to do a Field Day at LSE this year, I thought you could have a Family Field Day at Home. Here are some events/races you can do at home with very little equipment. I found these objects around the house and my kids are demonstrating the events! We hope you have fun!