Internet Crime

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What is Internet Crime

  • Internet crime is any crime or illegal online activity committed on the Internet, through the Internet or using the Internet.
  • Internet crime is a strong branch of cyber crime. Identity theft, Internet scams and cyber stalking are the primary types of Internet crime.
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Types of Internet Crime

  • Cyberbullying and harassment
  • Financial extortion
  • Classified global security data theft
  • Password trafficking
  • Credit card theft and fraud
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Where Internet Crime Happens

  • Internet crime happens more in the U.S then any other country.
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Reasons To File A Complaint.

To file a complaint you have to have the right reasons

Bad reasons

  • NOT for fun
  • NOT for jokes
  • NOT for questions
  • NOT for just starting a conversations
Good reasons

  • If you have an actual case of internet crime
  • If you suspect it coming
  • If someone hacked or bullied you on the internet
  • Scared or feel threatened