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Paul Gouveia - FVHS Center For International Studies

What is an Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF)?

In 2013, the Vancouver community approved a levy that allowed for the purchase of educational technology for Vancouver Public Schools. In order to support this Technology in a meaningful way, the district hired teachers as "Instructional Technology Facilitators" (ITF)

ITFs are responsible for the integration of technology into the school and classroom culture. Part of an ITF's job includes making sure that the distribution, maintenance and inventory procedures of our 1:1 iPad program run as smoothly as possible. An even more important part of an ITF's job is to help teachers, staff and students develop proficiency in all levels of tech integration.

We use the SAMR model to help define levels of technical integration. We help teachers integrate technology at every level. From simply substituting a common educational practice using a technical tool, to redefining education using a variety of tech tools that change how learning is facilitated and experienced.

The ultimate goal is helping to deliver learning in a way that is relevant, authentic and truly engages ALL students. Instructional technology can assist in delivering learning that prepares students for life with important skills like critical thinking, creativity, the ability to effectively collaborate , communicate and adapt in a quickly changing society.

Understanding that technology integration happens in many ways, at many levels and at various rates, the ITF's job is to cater to teachers' and students' needs in order to move closer to the goals mentioned above.

With this in mind, I've included a 'Menu" of options available to teachers and to students that will assist in moving our school forward technologically and educationally - so that we can help students to become "...globally aware and engaged citizens, who are college-, career- and life-ready."

Paul's ITF Schedule

I'm assigned to Fort Vancouver as an ITF. Additionally, I plan, facilitate and assists with district Instructional Technology PD (weLearn). I'm also involved in the development and refinement of district policies, procedures and programs that are related to Instructional Technology. In the Fall and the Spring, all district ITFs are also involved in distributing and collecting all iPads at their schools (about 14,305 iPads as of August 2016).

My regular schedule at Fort Vancouver HS will be:

  • Monday through Friday from 7:00 - 3:30.
  • I may occasionally have meetings and duties outside of the building.
  • I may need to attend district level meetings on Friday afternoons and some Tuesday mornings.
  • I may also work in the evenings to provide services to staff and parents.

* If necessary, I can arrange to meet with staff before 7:00 am and/or after 3:30 pm

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