Gun Laws

By: Nancilyne Correa

How do gun laws impact us and do they work ?

No, Gun laws do not work mostly because peoples mind sets are not all there and a law cant help that. People still get a hold of guns ans there never usually registered to the user. There is just as many death rates as before if not more.

There is just as many death rates as before if not more

"The U.S. has the highest rate of gun ownership and of gun homicide in the developed world." Seeing that our rates are the highest in gun influence and that we have the most laws. We can ask do these laws work? The facts show that homicide rates are higher or sometime the same as they were before the laws went into affect.

People still get guns they are usually never registered when in used in a crime

"Owners must registered guns and pay a fee of $5 every two years, and violators risk $500 fines." These laws make people not want to register guns they rather get them illegally than use these laws. This can lead to more gun violence and making crimes more difficult to solve.

People kill people not guns

"The Dec. 14, 2012 shootings in New town, Conn., which resulted in 28 deaths."

Taking us back to this devastating day we remember the children we lost and honorable teachers. This all happened with a gun but as we know the person behind it had mental issues, that weren't cured. Making a law isn't gonna help people mentally. People kill people not guns...


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