Middle,High School, college student

Session's for home/public area, 100% satisfaction assured.

Do you or your child feel overwhelmed by the amount of studies at school/college? Are the falling grades, making you concerned about the progress in school? Is understanding the lectures a matter of concern ? At Last, are you skeptical about choosing a HIGHLY EXPENSIVE tutoring class miles away from your home? If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, than your tension is almost over. I am a skilled tutor who has 3 years experience In tutoring students from Middle School to PHD level in various subjects like Mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, etc.
I have made students excel in grades within 4 days of tutoring from a "D" to a "A+". Charges are minimal ranging from $20 for first 2 hours and $18 for every subsequent hour after that. I can come to your home for your satisfaction or meet at a public place like a library/coffee place or you could come to my home instead.
References available upon request.

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Name : Karan