Stop Animal Cruelty

Animal Testing is Wrong and Inhumane

100+ Million Animals Die/Suffer Every Year

from chemical, food, drug, and cosmetic testing, not including birds, rats, mice, and cold-blooded animals

Products that are harmful to animals can be helpful for humans

For example, penicillan, which is toxic to guinea pigs, and asprin, which is dangerous to many species of animals.

Classroom Experiments and Dissections

can be avoided. This would save the lives/suffering of millions of animals. It has been proven multiple times that alternatives are better for teaching students, saving time, and saving the school's money.

Alternative testing methods exist, so there is no need for animals.


  • Studying cell structures in a petri dish and using human cells, for more accurate testing.
  • Using human volunteers to perform Microdosing, the administering of doses too small to cause harmful reactions. Scientists then analyze the volunteer's blood to get the results.
  • Computer models that can recreate virtual constructions of human molecular structures can predict the toxicity of substances.

Testing puts extreme stress on animals

This causes them to perform strange behaviors, such as spinning in circles, rocking back and forth, pulling out their own hair, biting their own skin, and shaking as well as an increase in blood pressure when someone walks past their cages.