Friday Focus

September 11th, 2015

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Thank you all for consistently modeling our building-wide expectations! Not only classroom teachers but other staff members are all holding students to the high expectations we know students can meet. It makes a tremendous difference and really shows students that we're a team.

Thanks to Zohaib and Rebekah for facilitating an after-school club!

Congratulations to Stacy for finding out that her daughter will be having TWIN GIRLS!!!

Thank you all for your help with arrival and dismissal. It's essential that we are all visible in the halls, entryways, walkways, and blacktop. You have all done a tremendous job helping to ensure our students are safe during arrival and dismissal. Your presence and visibility is noticed and appreciated!

F.O.C.U.S Reminders

What's the purpose of F.O.C.U.S?

We know that when teachers effectively implement F.O.C.U.S, individual student growth increases and our percentage of students who are on track to be college and career ready increases. Continue to implement and refine F.O.C.U.S.

F - Forming strong, caring relationships with and between students...

Through our Significant 72 activities we've begun to build strong relationships with each student. When we know students' backgrounds and interests, we are better able to make learning accessible to them. Please remember to purposefully embed Significant 72 activities each month.

O - Operating with high expectations and clear learning targets in place...

Please ensure learning targets are posted and connected to a Common Core State Standard in reading, writing, and math. Your assessment is to be aligned to the learning target, and the target should be written in student-friendly terms. Here's a reminder about the dangers of flying blind without learning targets in place.

Expect to move at a steady pace through the units. Push yourself and your students to accomplish more than you think is even possible.

C - Creating engagement through meaningful experiences...

Constantly self-assess to determine your students' level of engagement. If you attended the Kagan training, the expectation at this point is that your groups are formed and you are consistently practicing at least one structure to increase engagement/participation.

Also consider that engagement increases when students know the purpose of the activity or learning in which they are engaged. You've posted and reviewed the learning target, but do students know the purpose? How is the learning connected to past or future learning? How is the learning applicable outside the classroom?

U - Utilizing data strategically to inform instructional planning...

By now you've pre-assessed students in a variety of areas. Ensure that the assessment outcomes are used to drive your instruction. How will you attack writers workshop based on your on-demand results? How are you setting up your math block based on the first unit self-assessment? What anecdotal information have you gathered that will impact how you approach your planning?

S - Supply specific and timely feedback...

Please take a look at this ASCD information for reminders about How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students.

Reading and Writing Reminders


  • Post the Common Core aligned, student-friendly learning target every day
  • If your lessons are running over 15-20 minutes, be sure to stop and provide time for students to read each day
  • Continue to guide students to make book selections at their independent reading level (if you need more books at a given level, see Melissa or Liz)
  • Continue to build reading stamina with your students each day


  • Post the Common Core aligned, student-friendly learning target every day
  • Share exemplar piece with students (found in Writing Pathways book)
  • Post writing checklist for students to see (consider highlighting how the daily mini lesson ties to the checklist)
  • Provide students with a copy of the checklist so they can self-assess their progress
  • Continue to build stamina for writing with your students each day

Emergency Drills - Mark Your Calendar!

We are required to conduct the following emergency drills:

3 Fire Drills (2 remaining)

1 Offsite Evacuation Drill combined with Fire Drill (Thursday, September 24th, 10:00 AM)

1 Severe Weather and Shelter-in-Place Drill (Tuesday, September 22nd, 1:10 PM)

1 Bus Evacuation Drill (TBD)

1 Supervised Law Enforcement Drill (Monday, September 28th, 9:15 AM)

Prior to the scheduled drills, I will send out important procedural reminders. In the meantime, ensure you know your emergency exits and alternative exits. Ensure you are in possession of a charged walkie-talkie throughout the school day. You should also have a class list with emergency contact information on hand.

Notes and Reminders

  • Please make sure to be on time for door duty. On early entrance days, punctuality is a must. Thanks again!
  • Please continue to use the Meadowview Google Calendar to check dates of upcoming meetings and events. If you have an event/field trip scheduled, please remind us to add it to the Meadowview Google Calendar so that the entire school is in the loop.
  • Picture Day has been scheduled for September 29th.
  • Please update your webpage as soon as possible.
  • Lesson plans are due weekly. Please make sure to add them to your file in the office at the beginning of each week.
  • Is your substitute folder complete? Please complete this task as soon as possible.
  • Please ensure that the office has a copy of your classroom schedule. Please provide a new copy as updates are made.
  • Please remember to complete your self-evaluation and to set-up a meeting with me.

Monday Meeting Agenda - Certified Staff Only


Data Review Follow Up

DEB Expectations


Rising Star/Building Leadership Team Update

Curriculum Night


Coming Up...

Monday, September 14th

Data Reviews - Please see schedule

Monday Meeting - Certified Staff

Outdoor Ed Parent Meeting - Sipley, 6:30 PM

Tuesday, September 15th

Admin Meeting - Reg out in AM

ELL PD - Reg out in PM

Wednesday, September 16th

CPI Behavioral Training - Reg and SpEd team out

K-1 Schoolwide Training

Thursday, September 17th

2nd/3rd Schoolwide Training

Curriculum Night - 6:30 PM

Friday, September 18th

Inservice - 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM (Lunch on your own) Please see Greg's email regarding location for your specific area.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, September 21st - PLCS Begin

Tuesday, September 22nd - Shelter in Place Drill, 1:10 PM

Thursday, September 24th - Off-site Evacuation Drill, 10:00 AM

Thursday, September 24th - PTO Fall Fundraiser, 6:30 PM, Meadowview

Monday, September 28th - Supervised Law Enforcement Drill (lock down) 9:15 AM

Monday, September 28th - Monday Meeting, ALL Staff

Monday, September 28th - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 PM, JJH

Tuesday, September 29th - Picture Day

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