Amicalola falls

By Richanda

what it looks like how tall it is.

Amicalola falls got its name from a native Cherokee. Amicalola Falls means tumbling waters . Amicalola falls is 729 feet.

Next it looks like a jungle because it has millions of animals ,plants , and trees like birds , monkeys, and deer.

who founded it and where.

Did you know that there are many beautiful water falls in Georgia?
Amicalola falls is the most beautiful falls of all.

It was founded by James Oglethorpe, and it is in Dawson county, Georgia.

how it helps animals

Not only but also it helped tons of animals survive in the wild because of the fresh water and plants. That fresh water leads to big water fall. In the first place it was formed naturally. OK the reason I chose this topic because of the sparkling ,fresh ,marvelous ,breathtaking view of the most extraordinary waterfall ever. Also the sun is bright as one million suns in the sky.

Big image

Amicalola falls waterfall

This is a real waterfall in amicalola falls.