A Christmas Carol


This story is about a grumpy old man named Scrooge. For instance he was as grumpy as the grinch. He was a rich man and had no respect for other people. One night his old friend and business partner came as a spirit. Marley says that he is a bad man and if he keeps this up he will have a longer chain then he does. He says he will be visited by three spirits.

The first spirit

The first spirit comes. It is the spirit of Scrooges Christmas past. She shows him when he was in the orphanage and got to go home because his dad was a lot more happy. She showed him how happy he used to be. She showed him when he got engaged with Belle. Then when he got unengaged with Belle. He could not take it anymore. The spirit left.

The second spirit

The spirit of Christmas present comes and brought him to a street where all people where marry, he felt sorry for what he had done to everyone. They visited the Chrachet family and just looked and listened for a while. They had a tiny turkey but they were all still happy for and grateful for it, especially tiny Tim. Two kids come out, one is ignorance and one is want, he says to beware of Want.

The third spirit

The ghost of Christmas future did not talk he just showed. He took him to people talking about his death. Nobody mourned over him. Next he brought him to his own grave, he cried. Finally Scrooge became happy, he gave poor people money and the chrachets a big turkey. Tiny Tim says God bless us, all of us.