MRHS Shout-Outs

Volume 3 Issue 3

23 September 2016

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If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by handing/e-mailing me this form! Thank you!

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CTE Teachers, Julie, and Tiffany

Thank you CTE teachers and Julie/Tiffany for stepping up to help support the Legacy CTE teachers. Thank you Lori Valdez for stepping in to help take over the DECA District 1 Conference. Thank you Jenny Bloom and Jen Cooper for taking time to help the Legacy teacher prepare to teach Matt Kroupa's Accounting and AP Computer Science courses. Thank you Tom for offering to help in any way possible. Thank you Julie/Tiffany for helping find a way to make sure the CTE teachers can help out our peers at Legacy.

Hilary Wimmer

Karen, Regan, and Geri

Thank you to Karen, Regan, and Geri for being the welcoming faces of the Mountain. I sure appreciate all they do :)

Heather Schenck

Custodial Team

Thanks for emptying trash (and recycling) for us multiple times on Wednesday!

Tricia LaRue

Jessica Monahan and Dan Wilkenson

Thanks so much for bringing down power strips for our potluck, and thanks, Dan, for helping me set up all those crock pots! (I still have the power strips, too! Wasn't sure which one went where...)

Tricia LaRue

Men of the Mountain

Men of the Mountain - Thank you for making the day after conferences much more bearable! We love you :)

Heather Schenck

Thanks to all the Men of the Mountain for the coffee and muffins, it was great!

Pam Sagel

Thank you for thinking of everyone after a long and busy day/night!

Tricia LaRue

Shout out to the men of the mountain for taking such good care of the staff here! Thank you!

Elizabeth Sedalnick

Jen Cooper and Julie Enger

Thanks for helping clean up after the potluck on Wednesday!

Tricia LaRue

And, thanks for the shout out back, Julie, for cleaning up and hosting in the library. :)

Carey McKinney

You've been so wonderful to work with as our new bookkeeper - thank you so much for all you're doing!

Heather Schenck

Can I second that? I've already come to you with lots of random things, and you always help with a smile. I'm glad we still get to work together after so many (12!) years!

Tricia LaRue

Taylor Rahmann

Thanks to Taylor Rahmann for being an outstanding Math 1 common course team member. I appreciate all you do for the team!

Pam Sagel

Ian Simpson and Student Government

Great job on all of the work going into Homecoming! Looking forward to next week--especially Monday!


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Lauren Swanson

Thank you for being so understanding and flexible with a student's needs. Your willingness to offer any appropriate accommodations to help her succeed made her tear up in my office! She was so worried about failing and wants to do so well. Thanks for knowing that we all succeed in our own way, and some students just need a little extra help. "team speech" truly appreciates you!

- Kirsten Whalen-Pedersen (and Nikki Ruehrwein)

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