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Here's a quick one minute video from our favorite student, Kid President!

What YOU Think the Kids Need to Know


The students are doing a fantastic job completing their weekly homework. Each day the students are assigned 30 math problems in class. As the math concepts get more difficult the students might be bringing home more homework. Please assist your child with any questions they might have on their daily work.

Here are the lessons we will cover this week:

Monday - Lesson 80: Division with Zeros

Tuesday - Lesson 81: Angle Measures

Wednesday - Lesson 82: Tessellations

Thursday - Lesson 83: Sales Tax

Friday - TEST #16

Also, please encourage a few minutes of daily math fact practice! IXL.com is a fantastic website to sharpen those skills!


Please continue to check in with your fourth grader on their Accelerated Reader progress. All students need to be reading for 20 minutes each night.

Also, stay connected with the skills, strategies, and stories we are learning in our Reading Program. Click the link to login - ConnectED McGraw-Hill Reading Series

(Your child will need to login with their unique username and password)

This week our class will focus on the different reasons people run for public office. We will also be discussing the distinctions between state and local governments.

Weekly Concept: Leadership

Essential Question: Why do people run for public office?

Grammar: Subject and Object Pronouns

Genre: Fantasy

Comprehension Skills: Point of View

Comprehension Strategy: Make, Confirm, or Revise Predictions

Vocabulary Skill: Literacy Devices / Figurative Language

Phonics: Inflectional Endings - changing y to i


Continue to check your child's planner for their weekly spelling words and daily assignments.

This week's homework:

*** Spelling Packet will be given to the students on Monday. The entire packet is due on Friday.


Encourage daily practice and be sure to check your child's planner for spelling homework. Also, take advantage of SpellingCity ... great resource and makes studying for spelling fun!

1. funnier

2. families

3. pennies

4. worried

5. replied

6. varied

7. marries

8. carries

9. easily

10. silliest

11. jumpier

12. emptier

13. merrier

14. applied

15. cozily

16. sorriest

17. prettily

18. lazier

19. happiest

20. dizziest


Tuesday, April 8th, 8am-5:30pm

1445 K St

Lincoln, NE

Please mark your calendars for our fourth grade field trip! The students are eager to visit the Nebraska History Museum as well as the State Capitol. More information coming soon!

If you are interested in joining our venture to Lincoln, please let me know. First come, first serve... seats are limited!

Bring a Friend Breakfast - Dr. Seuss Birthday!

Friday, Feb. 28th, 8am

406 Cottonwood Street

Norfolk, NE

More details to come...


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