New World Trade Center & Memorial

Collin Paulsen

One World Trade Center

  • 1776 feet tall
  • 408 foot antenna
  • 104 Floors
  • 1368 feet- a glass en closer will be located at the height of the former WTC Tower One.
  • 1362 feet- an observation Deck will be height of the former WTC tower two.
  • $3.6 Billion to build the Tower
  • They built on full office floor per week
  • State of the Art Concrete
  • More then 45,000 Tons of structural Steel
  • 71 Elevators- Five are high speed express car moving at 23 mph ( 45 second to the top).

9/11 Memorial

  • Two reflection pools stand in the foot prints of the former WTC buildings
  • Each pools fractures a 30 foot man made waterfall.
  • Pool are boarding by booze that honor names of 2983 people of the 1993 and 2001 attacks
  • More then 450,000 gallons of water is in the pools.
  • Museum is under the pools.