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Mrs. Hansen, school nurse

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With the warmer weather approaching and our water fountains still closed, please remember to send a water bottle to school with your child! Make sure it's got enough water to quench their thirst for the entire day!

Health Screenings

Please take the time this summer to make sure your child has had a yearly check up with their pediatrician, if you haven't already done so. Due to the global pandemic, school health screenings have not been done on many in person students and no virtual students. Getting a yearly check up with hearing and vision screenings and required immunizations is of the utmost importance.
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Spring allergies in the time of COVID!

Please note, now more than ever it is important to be mindful of spring allergy symptoms.

If your child has allergies, please remember some important information below:

  • Medicate your child daily if needed (before school or bedtime)
  • Do not send your student to in person learning with allergy symptoms unless I have written documentation from your physician on file that they have seasonal allergies.
  • NEBULIZER treatments are still NOT allowed to be administered in school. IF your child's allergy symptoms require nebulizer treatments during the school day, they will need to STAY HOME and do remote learning.
  • Don't assume your child's allergy symptoms are "just allergies". Excessive cough, runny nose, headache and especially fever should be evaluated by a doctor. Students with symptoms should NOT come to school and may need a negative COVID test before return to in person learning.
  • We do NOT allow students to stay indoors for recess during allergy season. We do not have the space/ staff to accommodate.
  • Please reach out to me at 732-297-6621 ext 3469 if you have ANY questions about your child's symptoms or before sending them to school.

Please call me to report any recent or upcoming travel so I can review the quarantine guidelines with you.

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Under this level, the NJDOH guidelines require us to still treat students with COVID like symptoms as suspected positive until they test negative. If your child has symptoms of illness, please call me for further instruction. Symptoms of illness in family members may affect siblings at other schools who will need to quarantine until the sick student or family member tests negative.

School Absence

When your child is unable to attend school (remote or in person), please indicate when you call the school or put into Genesis. Please be sure to do this if they are an in person student who will be virtual for the day. We need to know why they will not be coming to school.

If your child is sick, their sibling must stay home also until you speak with me to determine if your child will need to be COVID tested to return to school.

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Kindergarten Registration is OPEN! Click on the flyer below for more information.

Students returning to In Person Learning

If your child is returning to "In Person" learning when the district re-opens and has a medical diagnosis that requires an Epipen, Asthma inhaler or other medication be kept or administered in school, please be sure that completed medical forms (found at bottom of this newsletter) and medication (in original packaging/container) are brought to school by a parent. When you arrive to school you can call from your car or buzz at the front entrance and I will come out to you. Please be sure you check expiration dates of medication and that forms are completed in entirety and signed by both physician and parent. I will not be accepting incomplete forms or expired medication.

As always, please call me at 732-297-6621 ext 3469 or email if you have any questions or concerns.

*** Medications MAY NOT be transported by students***