W. Bruce Cameron

It's hard enough getting in a human's mind but imagine a dog

Who doesn't love a good dog book? W. Bruce Cameron is a great author. I think his book, A Dog's Journey, has it all. Don't forget, he's the one with the writing skills that made it all happen. You will read about this wonderful dog wondering what his purpose is of being here is. Buddy is a dog, and he's on a journey. He will love his first owners (like Ethan and Clarity), and will eventually love others too. His journey might not be what he thought it was. There's dog books everywhere, but I feel like his books will really touch your heart.

W. Bruce Cameron was born in 1960. He was born and raised in Petoskey, Michigan. Now, he lives in California. After being divorced, Cameron is happily married to his wife & screenwriting partner. He has three kids, and loves dogs. He decided he wanted to be a writer in third grade, and in fourth grade got as far as writing 26 pages of his own book. Later in life, he would get up at 4:30 so he had time to write before his day jobs.

Like every other author, W. Bruce Cameron has a unique writing style. I like how he can blend emotion with humor, while giving you a connection through his writing. I would say my favorite book of his is A Dog's Journey. I favor this book because of how it will make you laugh and cry, and having the book based around a dog already makes it different and eye-catching. I would say his genre is realistic fiction, which gives him the chance to write about everything that comes to his creative mind.

I have learned more about dogs. I have a better understanding towards different dogs and how they look at things. I was surprised by the way he was able to pull off a dog's point of view. I was impressed with how much I took in from this book, and how it made me look at my dog and have a sense of what could be on his mind. I recommend this author to everyone who loves animals, has a sense of humor, wants to experience the story, or who simply needs a good book to read.