The Song Dynasty


By Aidan and Sean

Its actually by Sean and Aidan

Inventions/ Technology/ Science & Architecture

The song dynasty invented gun powder witch upgraded arrows and other weapons. They also made cannons, grenades, bombs, and mines. Catapults launched balls of fire. But Mongolians stole Chinese engineers and found out how to use gun powder.

Songs were the best ship makers around. They found a way to change the average ship in the best ways. They upgraded steering, speed, and size. They also invented one of the most useful transportation devices in history. The compass.In addition they found away make books and other things that had words a lot faster, they made stamps. They made mechanisms that put stamps in an order which led to being able to print books.


The Song Dynasty's population was so big, so trading grew very rapidly. During this dynasty, there were many important and commonly use things such as iron and steel which were used for nails, tools, weapons, chains, statutes and water wheels. Charcoal, cotton, silk, ceramics, paper, books, jewelry, and paper money were among other important products. Paper money was invented by the song dynasty so money would be lighter and easier to travel. Farmers, laborer, merchants and metal workers were very important occupations during this dynasty. The Song Dynasty traded with Korea, Japan and countries south and southwest of China.

Religion/ Culture/ Social Life

In the song dynasty, arts like landscaping, portrait paintings, and pottery were important. Poetry was also important to this dynasty. Daily life in the song dynasty was like, going to school, temples, churches, clinics, postal services, and clubs. Also art and farming were part of peoples daily life.


The first part of the Sung dynasty is called the Northern Sung. In 960 AD, one of the generals of the declining T'ang Dynasty managed to unify China under his control. This general's name was Chao K'uang-yin, but once became emperor he renamed himself Sung T'ai Tsu. But after Sung T'ai Tsu died, his successors did not do as well. The next Sung emperor were forced make a treaty with the Western Hsia in the north-west. The emperors had to pay heaps of gold to these people every year in order to keep them from attacking China. Then about 1110 AD, the Sung emperor made an alliance with the Jurchen of Manchuria to fight the Khitans and get them out of China. It worked great! But once the Khitans were out, in 1115, the Juchens took over the Sung capital of Kaifeng.

The second part of the Sung dynasty is called the Southern Sung. Another son of the Sung emperor ran away to southern China and in 1126 he started a new Sung Dynasty with its capital at Hangzhou. He took the name Kao Tsung. Kao Tsung and his successors were not very strong militarily, and could not take back northern China from the Juchen. In the 1230s, the Sung Dynasty made an alliance with the Mongols to get rid of the Juchen. Again, the plan worked, but the Mongols took over northern China instead. In 1279 AD the Mongols came even further south and killed the last of the Sung emperors.