No To Sex

By Tyler Morrow

Overall Consequences of Sex

Sex can lead to a variety of things, such as STDs. It can also lead to pregnancy. Some teens have also reported feelings of guilt, and regret, but some also felt better about themselves.
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STD's Major Consequences

Chlamydia- Infertility

Genital Warts- Blocks openings in genitals

Gonorrhea- Skin disease

Herpes- Damage to central nervous system

HIV- Death

Hepatitis B- Cancer

Syphilis- Damage to liver

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Birth Control Options

1.) Abstinence is the most effective way to avoid pregnancy.

2.) A birth control implant causes, .05% out of 100 pregnancies.

3.) A vasectomy is the second most effective option for men.

4.) The intrauterine device only has .2% pregnancies per year out of 100.

5.) Female sterilization only has .5% out of 100 women getting pregnant.

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Responsibilities of Having a Baby

When having a baby, you will have many responsibilities. You need to make sure that the baby has food, clothes, and a nice home. You will also have a lot less time on your hands, with late nights and early mornings. Parents will need to make sure that they take their babies to the doctor to make sure that they are healthy.
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Safe delivery Act2

The safe delivery act allows parents to give away their child to a fire department, police station, or hospital. It must be a newborn baby younger than 72 hours old or younger. This act was to prevent babies from being left in dumpsters, parking lots, public restrooms, and car washes. Single mothers also have the option of the P.E.O. International, it awards one-time only grants up to 3,000$ for the continuing education of women whose education has been interrupted.
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Underage Sex Consequences

Having sex with partners underage could lead to imprisonment for several years. If you had something like this on your record, it will be very difficult, or close to impossible to get a job.
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Benefits of Abstinence

Abstinence has many benefits, like preventing STDs. It also is the best way to prevent pregnancy. Abstinence is the most efficient method, costing 0$ and being 100% against STDs and pregnancy. You may also better your chances of having a great future, as you don't have to take care of a baby, and women don't need to experience the side effects from birth control.
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