It seems like the federalist had more power.................

First how it would be without them

The federalist were very important because they were the people that wanted more for our government. The government would never be the same without them nothing is going to be worked out their isnt going to be any kind of votes and nobody is going to have their rights.

Second what they do in the government and who ruled them and my opinions

The federalist have different opinions than the democratic-republic our government needs more than one opinion. Nobody would have a say so if we had one opinion. The leaders were the farmers and shopkeepers and people of that sort. The time period was in the early 1800's.

The federalist wanted the capital to be in washington D.C.

The French revolution was crazy because we were fighting over nothing.

The alien and sedition acts were when people making four bills that was all.

Finally the War with Britain was when america was fighting Britain and it built our origins and foundation for our country.

The more you give the more we take and exchange for power and wealth for the government