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Fill in the Blank:

An extensive ________ must be conducted into the details of your life before becoming a United States Secret Service agent.
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1. A prolonged inquiry or questioning, especially a harsh investigation on religious or political issues.

2. (capitalized) The special court of the Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages to combat, suppress, and punish heresy, i.e., any belief varying from orthodox doctrine.


in (L.) "in"

Quaesitum (L.) "to seek" "to search for"

Other Tenses

  • inquisitive (adj.)
  • inquisitor (n.)
  • inquisitorial (adj.)


  • interrogation
  • investigating
  • inquiry
  • examination


Opposite of the questions or the person questioning....

  • answer
  • response
  • reply

More Help!

In the Roman Catholic Church it was an organization that was responsible for finding and punishing people who did not accept its beliefs and practices. Usually harsh and unreasonable punishments like being hanged or burned alive.

If the word is capitalized, then it is referring to the Roman Church; if it is not capitalized it is just about a regular inquiry or questioning !


  • Think inQUISition...QUIZ .... both being questioned and sometimes like punishment
Derek Morgan Interrogates Malcolm Ford - Criminal Minds - "The Company"

Which sentence uses the incorrect form of the word ?

A. The inquisitive kindergartner bombarded her teacher with questions such as "why is the sky blue?" and "why do dogs bark?"

B. The inquisitor severely punished the commoner for practicing Christianity, instead of the Roman Catholic Church's beliefs.

C. Interviewers pry people for information using an inquisitorial approach.

D. The court conducted an inquisition into the case before deciding the verdict.

B is incorrect because the "i" should be capitalized if using the definition referring to the Roman Church