The New Egg Times

A newspaper for chickens! Edition 2, Year, 2014

If Chickens Were Human...

Have you ever wondered what your pet would be like as a human? I have. I made a list of each chickens' personalities, as they are chickens. Then I figure out if they would be leaders or followers. Here is an example: Katy Rock Perry-Barred Rock-bossy, cocky, confident, proud, out loud, boasting. Those are Katy's personalities, now if she were a human: cocky, confident, bossy, leader, out loud, proud, boasting. You can take this, and do it with your dogs, or cats, or any other animals you have. If you do it well, you can see who would work well together, and who would be a recipe for DISASTER. For example, if you put 2 bossy leaders together, all they would they do is argue. If you put 2 slackers together, they wouldn't have a clue what to do. If you put 2 followers, a leader, and a slacker, the leader would push they slacker to work, and they would get it done. If you put 3 followers together, they would separate the work out and work together, to get the job done. I have learned this from doing group projects in 4th and 5th grade.

Help with your Chickens

Often people have trouble with their chickens and don't know how to handle it. Down below, you can comment problems you have with your chickens, if you have any chickens or problems, and I will address them here. Now, you don't have to spend your trouble looking through a book! I will keep adding problem/solution paragraphs, until I run out of room. Then I will delete the oldest ones and keep going, that way you won't have to go to a new edition each time you have a problem. Kinda like "Dear Abbey", only this is "Dear Chickenlady".
The New Egg Times

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The Chickens who Inspired

When I thought up The New Egg Times, I didn't just think of it, some young hens inspired it. Katy Rock Perry is a Barred Rock. She is very funny in the way she does what she does. She acts superior to the other hens, and is kind of cocky in a way. She seems to know what she's doing and is on top of the pecking order. Kate Checkie is one of the most beautiful. She's and Exchequer Leghorn, you can find her in the Meyer Hatchery Catalog. In the way some people look like a certain name, animals do to. If you look at a picture of Kate, you can tell she's a Kate. She just looks like one. Silvia Blue is the funniest. She is funny, happy, and cheerful. Her sister, Martha Blue is just as high spirited. Silvia and Martha are both Blue Andalusians. These are the chickens who most inspired The New Egg Times, but Nermal Splash, from the very first article, did contribute a lot especially to one of my stories.
The new Egg Times 3!

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