7 Characteristics of a Civilization



Means to communicate, we need the language to communicate, once they used art to this, a way to express themselves. We can find this form of communication in some very ancient caves, we can see the way they were to communicate from their drawing trough. Today we have managed to communicate through words expressions


Formerly used art to communicate with other people, because in the past they did not have another type language more specific than Art. We can find this kind of art trough caves or even in museums.Today I think art is still a kind of language, which is also an art to express way.We use the art now to be able to express themselves.


Once they believed in the gods, the name of religion them was polytheism. Today already have several sweetbreads of religion, Evangelicals, Catholics, Atheists ...


Once the government was much more rigid than today. Today we have several rulers in the world, and today is not as hard as before.


Before the technology of them was based on new tools, how and swords and something of the kind. You can find this kind of old tool in museums.