My Moutrushmore

By Quinlan Sutton

Mount Rushmore is a mountain with the faces of these former presidents : George

Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It was

designed by Gutzon Borglum and it’s was finished in 1941 .In my opinion, it’s awesome!

If I could design my own Mount Rushmore I would have the faces of the following

people carved into the granite : My Mom , My Dad, My brother Cameron ,and My brother


The first person who I would put on my Mt.Rushmore would be my mom,

Tamara Sutton .She helps me when i’m sick .She gives me snacks when she

picks me up from BOOST .She helps me with homework. She loves me and

cares for me .She lets me work at Java Cafe.

The second Person I would put on my mount rushmore would be my dad ,Gregg

Sutton. He helps me with homework. He takes me out for dinner. He watches movies

with me .he’s always there for me.

The third person I’d put on my mountrushmore would be my brother cameron

G. He’s fun to play with. He teaches me how to skate .He comes to york often. He’s the

best brother a person could have.

The fourth person i’d put on my mount rushmore would be my brother nate. He’s

always there for me. He plays with me. He helps me with a lot of things. He cares for

me. He’s another best brother a person could have.

And that is my Mount Rushmore . It has my mom , dad and two brothers. I love

them with all my heart.

The End