Seriously, Another Week of School?

Greetings from Mr. Foreman's (aka the Grinch) Class

Only Four More Days

Yes, we are still doing work this week. (Much to the surprise of a few.) This week will work diligently on our country research, with the goal of having our first draft written by Friday. We started a new Greek/Latin root study lesson with a quiz set for Friday. In addition, we started a new TFK format with nightly reading responsibilities.

Two items missing this week are Word Study and POW (my math class). We will start new word study lists and groups when we return from Winter Break. I am giving the class-wide spelling assessments to determine if students need to change groups and what spelling features they need to study. After today's initial assessment, I was extremely pleased with the growth I saw across the board. I will be sending each of you an email with details of your child's progress when I have completed the assessments.

Holiday Celebration Friday 1:20 to 2:20 pm

All are welcome to join us on Friday as we celebrate the unofficial midpoint of the year. Just a word of warning, if you have younger siblings, you may want to check with your student in my class before bringing them to the festivities. We had a slight problem last year and it can't hurt to check.

The students have worked hard and this break comes at a good time for them. Parents ask me if there is anything they can do over break for their child. The students can always continue with their reading on a daily or semi-daily basis. They can get on Reflex to practice their fact fluency and you can even give them practice in the car by calling out multiplication problems.