Welcome Back to School !


Introduction to Business & Technology

Dear Parents,

My name is Mrs. Youngblood and your student is enrolled in my Introduction to Business and Technology class this semester.

As a creative and innovative educator, I continually strive to make school enjoyable and exciting as I have found that motivating students will enable them to grasp concepts more steadfastly. I adapt my instruction to suit different learning styles, thus always providing my students with a motivating, positive, and safe learning environment. I am devoted to ensuring my students’ achievement not only in the classroom, but also to their ability to be productive members of their households and communities.

This course is a great introduction into the world of business and technology. In this course I focus on teaching how to use technology as a useful tool and not just a social media toy. Over a span of 10 units I will cover the essentials of business while incorporating technology into the daily assignments through the use of Microsoft Word. Also in this course students will have the opportunity to test and earn a certification in Microsoft Word.

I will be on maternity leave with my first child during the early part of the semester. I will notify you when I leave and when my return date will be. While I’m out the students will be in great hands. I’ve requested a long term substitute who is a coach at Camden County High School and has been part of the high school community for the past 3 years. In addition to a well experienced substitute I’ve provided lesson plans and electronic instruction to the students. I will be checking in weekly with my substitute to ensure the lessons and activities are moving along smoothly.

I am looking forward to an exciting semester! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at lyoungblood@camden.k12.ga.us

Thank you,

Laura Youngblood