Hi! I am Project Manager of My Language Buddy in AIESEC ITESM Toluca.

AIESEC in ITESM Toluca has achieved the greatest develpoment during 2015 within AIESEC Mexico. During the last National Congress AIESEC ITESM Toluca was recognised for having the best performance in ICX.

I am here to present you some opportunities your EPs may enjoy with us.

Here you can know a bit of our commitee.

AIESEC en ITESM Toluca - Tolotzin 2015

Check out the project:

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First Week [MEXICO] - Toluca, Mexico City


December 7 to January 29

Benefits the trainee has working with us:

  • Free Accomodation;
  • 2 meals per day, weekdays and weekends;
  • Weekly activites with the LC members;
  • 2 weeks of vacations.

Vacations in Mexico

You´ll experience a 2 week vacation where you´ll know all about the mexican culture during December.

You´ll enjoy winter with your HF or the LC members:

  • Posadas
  • Christmas´ dinner
  • New Year´s eve dinner
  • Rosca de Reyes
  • Feria
  • Pastorela
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So if you know anyone that might be interested or have any doubts about the projects let me know.

This Saturday we'll be having a matching party from 11:00 to 18:00 hrs. This means we'll be doing instant matches!