Wildcat Weekly

March 30 - April 3

Wildcat Mountain Elementary

Our commitment is to make decisions that consider the student first. Through focused academics, a commitment to character, a positive environment, and a partnership with our community, we direct our attention on educating the whole child.

This week at Wildcat...

Monday, March 30

Tuesday, March 31

8 am PAC

Fifth Grade Field Trip

Wednesday, April 1

April Fool's Day

Staff Meeting - CITE Evidence Prep.

Thursday, April 2

4pm SAC Meeting

Friday, April 3

Upcoming Events

March 18 - 27 Spring Break

April 5 - Easter

April 8 - Staff Meeting, CITE Uploads

April 8 - CITE Self Evaluations Due

April 14 - 16 CMAS

April 24 - No School

April 27 - 29 PARCC EOY

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Math Learning Center Log In

Username: WME

Password: wildcat

Reminders / Things to Know

  • If you aren’t using your SMART board for what it’s intended, let Molly know so she can trade it out for some that aren’t working.

  • A few of you may have READ Plans to write for newly identified READ Plan kids. Teresa will be contacting you about this after Spring Break.

  • Please dress professionally Monday - Thursday. Fridays are reserved for Spirit Wear and casual dress.

  • Please remind your students to line up on the playground. Only fifth graders should be coming in to the building prior to the first bell ringing. Teachers please meet your students on the playground at 8:50am.

Positive Paw

Our Positive Paw stickers are here! Please take time to talk with your class about making a positive impact at school. You can give these stickers to students who have done something special. Make sure they know what they have done so they can tell people. If you see a student with a sticker, ask them about the positive impact they have had at WME. I'll put some stickers in everyone's box. You can get more at the office as you need them.

Super Fantastic Staff

Student Leadership Teams