Middle School Update

August 28, 2015

Genius Hour

I've been hearing and reading a lot about implementing Google's idea of Genius Hour into the school setting. Basically, you're giving the kids a certain amount of time to learn about any topic they choose. I would like to try it out this year instead of doing a science fair. This would let kids pursue their passions in science, the arts, history, technology, or anything else. We'll talk about it in our divisional meeting next week and decide whether or not it is feasible for us to try, but here's an article from a MS teacher to get you thinking.

Welcome to Genius Hour

Divisional Meeting

Tuesday, 4:00, Mark's Room


1. Accountability

2. AP: How many D’s?; NJHS

3. Jaxon

4. Collaboration: one cross-subject project this semester; can count for TDEP

5. Schedule TDEP meeting

6. Parent Survey Results

7. Faithful Steward: How will we focus on this ESLR?

8. Annual Fund

9. Genius Hour

Important Dates

August 31: Merdeka Day, No School

Sept. 1-4: MS MAP testing (see link below)

Sept. 1: Divisional Meeting, 4:00, Rm. 23

Sept. 8: Fire Drill, 9:10 AM

Sept. 9: PD: Fixes 1-3 (Dustin, Chris, Tom)

Sept. 12: Community BBQ, 5:30

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