Canada's Immigrant Workforce

Why Canada?

Are you looking for job with a brighter future? If so, consider Canada because our economy is BOOMING! Canada is growing fast and offering an unlimited amount of opportunities. Canada is one of the richest, cleanest country. Canada has top quality education we offer free primary and secondary education. Did we mention our health system is totally FREE. So if you're looking a better job opportunity or more options in life, then Canada is the place for YOU!

Economic Immigrant Criteria

Canada has many job opportunities and is seeking skilled immigrants to fill companies open positions. Although there are many steps for becoming an official economic immigrant. In order to be accepted you need 67 or more points out of 100 on the qualification exam, a job arranged already in Canada, a good education, enough experience, pay fees and have official checks stating that you are healthy and no serious criminal background. If the Canadian government believes with good reason and evidence that you should not be allowed access into Canada they can deny you as an economic immigrant even if you have completed the requirements successfully.