Assistive Technology

Let's learn more about the assistive tools for Mac

Dictation Commands

Allows the user to edit text and interact with their computer by speaking to it.

To activate: Dictation

1. Go to "System Preferences"

2. Click "Accessibility"

3. Scroll down to "Dictation"

4. Open "Dictation & Speech Preferences"

5. Turn on Dictation

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Implementing in the Classroom

-Students that have not learned how to type on the computer yet can still use the computers and navigate through the internet

-Answering online tests

-Students can use dictation on Microsoft Word to create their own writing pieces

-Dictation commands give students with physical disabilities a way to communicate and demonstrate their knowledge when typing can be a challenge for them

-Teachers can also use this to save time when grading and adding comments to students rubrics or assignments

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You can find more Dictation Commands by visiting the following link:

The following is a video demonstrating how the dictation tool works and one way teachers can implement it when grading rubrics:
How to Use Dictation to Text: Easy to Use Mac Tool