Maycomb County Teller

Macy Gress and Alexa Walby

Let it Snow

Snow falls in Maycomb

For the first time in years, Maycomb County has gotten snow.

Snow has fallen in all over the town in Maycomb County early this morning.

Dill Harris, a child of Maycomb, enjoyed playing in the snow, "I couldn't believe how fast it was coming down! I got to make the worlds largest snowman for it. I even got an award."

Walking down the streets you saw tons of children playing in the snow, throwing snowballs, and making snow angels. In almost everyone's yard, there was a giant snowman.

Ms. Maudie Atkinson, resident of Maycomb, wasn't so happy about the snowfall, "All that snow was ruining all my plants! I worked hard for them to look good, and now they are all ruined."

However, Atkinson was happy that the children got to see snow.

School was canceled for the day and most local businesses were closed also to enjoy the snow.

Terror in Maycomb

Rabid dog loose in Maycomb

Citizens of Maycomb County were frightened indoors at the sight of a rabid dog.

Tuesday morning, Tim Johnson, Mayor Harry Johnson’s dog, was madly roaming a residential street of Maycomb.

The Finch children were outside playing when they spotted the rabid beast in the street.

Jem Finch, son of lawyer Atticus Finch, was the first to see Johnson. “I wasn’t even sure if he was mad,” says Finch. “Dogs don’t usually go mad this time of year.”

Calpurnia, the Finch family housekeeper, was the next to take action. “Well I called everyone in the neighborhood,” reports Calpurnia. “Then I called Atticus and Sheriff Heck Tate.”

Sheriff Heck Tate arrived with Atticus. “I was glad to have ol’ one shot Finch with me. He got the job done.”

Atticus Finch shot Johnson. Finch declined to comment on the shooting.

“That dog was crazy,” says Mrs. Stephanie Crawford, a witness to the event. “He couldn’t even walk straight. Foam was coming out of his mouth. That dog saw me through the screen and snarled something wicked. I was terrified.”

Tim Johnson was taken from the scene by Zeebo, the garbage man in Maycomb.

Trail of the year

Maycomb's Tom Robinson declared guilty

All of Maycomb County turned up Tuesday morning to attend the trail of the year.

Tuesday night, the Maycomb County Court declared Tom Robinson guilty of raping Mayella Ewell.

Mr. Gilmer represented the state and Mr. Atticus Finch represented Tom Robinson.

"The tension was very high in the courtroom." says Heck Tate, sheriff of Maycomb.

Testimonies were made by Tate, Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewell, and Robinson.

Calpurnia, a cook for a local Maycomb resident, was disappointed by the result saying, "I thought the people of Maycomb had some common sense."

There were many mixed emotions after the trail. All of the people that attended the trial discussed the verdict after it was over. Some were happy, and some were very disappointed.

Mr. Link Deas, the previous employeer of Robinson says, "It's horrible that he was charged with this. That boy would have never hurt a fly."

Gilmer and Finch refused to comment on the result.

The jury was gone for a few hours deliberating the verdict. Robinson was found guilty in the late afternoon Tuesday.

There has yet to be a sentence for Robinson.

Finch has planed to appeal.

National News

Bonnie and Clyde killed by police

The nation says goodbye to two of it’s most famous criminals

People across the nation are shocked by the death of two well-known criminals.

Wednesday afternoon, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were killed by police on Highway 154 in Louisiana.

The couple were running from the law after breaking prisoners out of the Eastham Prison Farm four months prior.

“We made a plan and stuck to it,” says Officer John Smith of the Louisiana Law Enforcement. “They didn’t even know what hit them.”

The lawmen set up a car on the road and hid behind it. When Parker and Barrow slowed down to investigate, the lawmen took action. It has been reported that 130 bullets were fired at the couple, killing them both quickly. Medical reports state that the back of Barrow’s head exploded and Parker’s right hand had been shot off.

The couple were then taken back to Dallas where crowds gathered to get a glimpse of the famous couple.

“I think it’s disgusting,” says Jean McDowell, a local Dallas resident. “No one should be able to observe a body that has been destroyed in this way. We aren’t even looking at them as people anymore. They should be mourned, not put on display.”

The two will be buried separately, according to the family’s wishes.

Letters to the Editor

Thank You for the support

I would like to thank everyone who has given me support through this journey. You have given me strength through this tough time in my life. Tom was a great man who never hurt anyone. I am glad that most of y'all have realized it. Tom was convicted of a crime that he did not do. Tom would never have betrayed me or his children by hurting a women. Just because his skin was a different color meant that he was guilty. I don't know how sick someone could have been to hurt his daughter and then blame another man. A man that had a family with young kids and a wife that doesn't work. The children are doing the best that they possibly can. I am now a cook for Mr. Link Deas. I hope that one day Bob Ewell will stand up for what he has done. Mayella, I hope one day you get the help you need. Thank you for everything.

-Helen Robinson

You don't understand

I would like to start this letter by telling everyone asking, yes I wrote this letter. I didn't go to school for a full year but I know enough to write a good letter.

First of all, I know what y'all are thinking, my family is the worst in Maycomb. I can't say I disagree. No one else has a father that lives off a welfare check. I just want to make it known, you can't choose your family. If that were an option, I would get the heck out of this house, out of this town.

The next thing I want to clear up is the question everyone's been asking; has my daddy ever beaten me. The answer you'll get is the same one I gave in court, no.

I will also say that Tom's death is a tragedy. He was one of my only friends. Even though he took advantage of me, I will miss having him around to help.

But the main point I want to get across with this letter is that no one in this town has a right to judge me or my family for what happened. The fact that one has come to our house to show sympathy proves that this town is made of cowards who refuse to overlook the level of someone's knowledge. Sure you take my word over a black man's. At least you have the decency to do that. Just because I have a drunk for a father and a dump for a home, that doesn't make me a liar. Just because I was forced to drop out of school and come home to help my daddy, that doesn't mean I don't know the difference between what's right and wrong. I told the truth in God's name during the trial. I stand by my word.

-Mayella Violet Ewell

Police Blotter

Jacobs finally caught

Cecil Jacobs was caught ding-dong ditching a neighborhood in Maycomb. Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose, resident of Maycomb County, has been disturbed by Jacobs for over a year. Jacobs court case has been scheduled for late spring.

Merriweather in custody

Earlier this week, the Merriweather Foundation, supporting Mr. J. Grimes Everett, who has devotedly been converting the Mrunas in Africa, reported that money had been stolen.

Mrs. Gertrude Farrow, the secretary of the Merriweather Foundation has come out with shocking information.

“I cannot protect her anymore. My boss, Grace Merriweather, has been taking money for years,” says Farrow. “She accidently told me late last year, but pleaded for me to keep it a secret. It’s been long enough.”

Farrow reports that she asked Merriweather to stop taking money, but her request was ignored. That sparked her action.

“I’m ashamed for letting this go on so long. I want to make it right.”

Merriweather was taken into custody yesterday morning. Her trial date is yet to be determined.