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August 27, 2018

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Thank you!

Thank you all for an excellent first week back to school! Students seemed happy and I appreciate all of your hard work in making this first week run so smoothly. I hope the "honeymoon" phase extends for a long time.

We have lots of new early childhood students beginning Monday, so please help them out.

Have a wonderful week of full days!!

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Construction Update

As you know, the playground opened on Thursday. I hope everyone enjoyed playing on the new structure.

Since construction is complete and the playground is in, this is the last week we will have this section of the N&B.

Sneak a Peek - Thank you

This event was very well attended and I hope it went smoothly in your classrooms. Lana and I were able to chat with several new families. Thank you for your participation and enthusiasm.

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Individualized Health Plans (IHPs)

If you have a new student in your classroom that you think might need and IHP, please contact René.
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Dress Code

Please remember that we are professionals and need to dress as such. Refer to the employee handbook for further clarification and specifics regarding staff dress.

We need to be consistent in enforcing the student dress code; and, we also do not want to make a child feel bad if their clothing is out of their control. Please use discretion in addressing dress code violations with students. For example, if there is a EC or LE student where you suspect has little control or means, the best course of action is probably to address this issue directly with the parents. If an older UE or JH student is out of dress code and you suspect that they are willingly violated our dress code, the best course of action may be to address this with the student and then follow up with the parents if necessary.

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As you know from our meetings for the past two weeks, teachers will be expected to report behaviors through Aspire by completing a behavior report online. If the behavior warrants an office referral, please check the "notify admin" box in Aspire.

Injury reports and incident reports are to still be completed on paper and submitted to the office.

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Teaching Assistant Evaluations

Teachers will be expected to evaluate teaching assistants (TA) at the conclusion of the school year. It would be best practice for teachers and assistants meet to go over how the TAs will be evaluated. Please take a few minutes to review the TA evaluation form below and see Lana or René if you have questions or concerns.
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Teachers are expected to write two SMART goals each year and one must be related / connected to one of the school goals. These goals are due no later than September 18th. There is time scheduled during your PLCs for you to collaborate with your colleagues.

Teaching Assistant Schedules

If you have not done so already, please email teaching assistant schedules to Remember, assistants cannot exceed the weekly number of hours on their employee agreement - unless they have approval from René before the extra hours happen.

Classroom Trees

I'm sure you have seen email communication regarding your class choosing a tree after which your classroom will be named. Thank you for your cooperation and patience in completing this task. We are not ordering vinyl for sticking your tree's name over the classroom doors just yet. Stay tuned for more information about vinyl and tree names.

Coaches' Corner

Thank you for your excellent participation in last week's classroom management professional learning. The documents below were mentioned in the workshop and are posted here for your convenience. Please contact Nicoletta if you have questions.
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