How to Use Guide

Go to the App Store: download “Destiny Discover” on to your ipad/smartphone etc.

Location: “Tennessee” and School: “Tyner Senior High School”

Go to: www.destinydiscover.com for desktops, laptops, chromebooks, etc.

To CheckOut : a Folletshelf eBook :

· Username is: first name last name (no spaces) Ex: janejones

· Password is: tastudent (you can changer password after you log in)

· Check “Stay logged In”

The books that you see 1st are ONLY the “most recent” books that were ordered

Click on:“A-Z” to see ALL books in the eLibrary

In “Cover” view: to Check Out a book:

· click on the “i" twice (or on the word "info")

· Click on: “Checkout” (you might have to scroll down to find it)

· Click on: “Open” just to Read (The word Open will NOT check out the book)

To Download and read with NO wifi:

· Click on: “Download”

· Click on: the arrow (or slidebar) to turn pages

· Slidebar changes pages quickly

· (Tap in the middle of the screen to see page #)

· (Tap on the page # to make slide bar appear)

· Click on: The “Aa” to choose 1 or 2 page view and other options

Click on: words "Destiny Discover" (at the top) to Go back to the eLibrary

Or to the "backpack” icon: To find the books you checked out

OR to move back online if the book was downloaded

(“Online” lets u take notes, highlight, etc.)

When you are finished reading a book…

JustReturn” book early: Click on the "arrow" icon - or the words "return early"

Click on the words “Destiny Discover” to find a new book

· You may check out 1 ebook at a time (or see the librarian if you need more ebooks)

· The ebook is checked out to you for 7 days

· Then it disappears back onto the virtual bookshelf

· If you do not like a book – just return it early!

Click on: the words "Destiny Discover" to go back to the virtual Library

To Find and Read another book!