Temperamental Success

By: Amanda B.

The scallops fly across the room as Gordon Ramsay rages in anger slamming his hands on the kitchen counter. Sometimes his infuriation can lead to the best. Gordon Ramsay's hard work and criticizm has led to success.

Actually, Gordon's life dream wasn't to be a chef. He had dreamed about and loved soccer. He wanted to become a professional soccer player, but when he was fifteen,

Gordon had a serious knee injury. After graduating, when Gordon went to college, he majored in hotel management at North Oxen Technical college. After completing college with a Higher National Diploma, his first job as a chef was at Maxim's.

Maxim's, a restaurant in London, was owned by Marco Pierre White. This head chef pushed his chefs around. He would lift up their spirits then knocked them down. He pushed them to their limit.Then after a few years, Gordon opened his own establishment in 1998 called "Gordon Ramsay." In the next few years, Gordon wrote his first book, became the focus of "Boiling Point", and opened in first restaurant in America named "Gordon Ramsay." The late 90's and early 2000's were his big kick-start.

When Gordon's in the kitchen, he's usually screaming, but this is all for a reason. He gives his chefs and students tough love. The screaming is just to make his students successful, so they can be the best. Gordon wants to prove himself because he didn't grow up being popular. He was poor. Now that he has these wonderful opportunities, he wants to use them to the best of his abilities.

Even at home with his family, he wants to have a good, respectful home. Suprisingly, he doesn't swear or shout at home. They even have a swear box. Whenever one of their kids, Megan, Jack, Matilda, and Holly, swear, they have to put money into the box. Even though he wants a well-behaved family, it doesn't mean he has to be as strict and impatient as he is in the kitchen.

Just because someone may be giving several corrections or have low tolerance doesn't mean they hate everyone. In fact, they cold be just like Gordon and want you to succeed and do your best.

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