Marvelous Mars

Come to our city today!(If you're willing to come this far)


Don't worry about finding a place to stay! Our Alien Inn will make you feel at home. This double-decker masterpiece is made out of two cubes with six faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges each.Next, we have a Rocket Station in the shape of a rectangular prisim with six faces, eight vertices, and twelve edges.Next, what's better than an Alien University. This amazing school is a triangular prymid with four faces, six edges, and four vertices. Finally, the heart of our town, Alien Headquarters. This triangle has three sides.

Stores, Resourses, Monuments, and FUN


While you are zooming down the road, you may notice that our streets make lines and angles. We hve two pairs of parallel lines, two pairs of perpendicular lines, and three pairs of intersecting lines. We also have one right angle, one acute angle, and one obtuse angle.

We are Mars!!!!!

(Beware: Mount Slime might blow)