By: Stefani Kimber



Acting is a lot harder than many people think it is, its not just putting on a sad face or happy face and saying some lines. Not just anyone can act, you need to be able to express your emotions and take yourself to vulnerable places, while also being able to go to your happiest places even on a bad day. You cant ever forget a line, your scene cant be too "big" or to "small", you need to remember to articulate all your words without sounding fake, you cant look down a lot, you cant look up a lot, you should know how to cry on cue, stand on your mark, when your in the audition room make sure to be professional, if you dont have the right hair or eye color you cant do anything about it but you wont get the part, you cant talk too fast or too slow, you cant move around too little nor too much, they want you to be absolutely passionate about acting but you have to be balanced and do other things too, you need to stay true with your character and the relationships you have with the person your talking to because if your performance is not believable and honest you wont succeed. Now if you were one of the people who says acting wasn't hard work...think again.


The acting buisness is full of tricks and turns. Its all based on everyones bias opinion. Going in for an audition, the actor or actress never knows exactly what the casting directors, producers and director wants. They get prepared with the best performance with the character and script they're giving and hope that what they do is what they imagined for the role. Its also not just doing it the right way you obviously need talent. All of those the actor can controll but you also need "the look" which is a BIG part of the desiding process. The director has a certain look in mind for your character and if the actor doesnt have the right eye, skin or hair colour its not their fault but they wont get the part. As well, the director, producers and almost everyone else who would work with the actor has to like or love the person. Sometimes people just instantly hate someone and that happens in the acting world a lot of the time. Actors and actresses know how unfair it is but they love the struggle just as much as anything else.