Fifth Grade Enters 2016!

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Marvelous Math

This week we have been working on Area (from 3rd and 4th grade), Total Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism, Volume and Volume of a Composite Figure. Students should be able to calculate and label each of these correctly. Please work with your child to make sure that they are answering them correctly on a consistent basis. There are plenty of websites that can help to reinforce this. I have not found a game online, but there are some videos and worksheets you can pull up. Look through their work from the week and the homework that was sent home. Next week in math we will be working on solving a real life problem with volume/area and responding in writing to the problem. We will then be going back to fractions and starting division, as well as reviewing previous concepts.

Spectacular Science

We have one more set of investigations in Mixtures and Solutions. Students should be practicing their vocabulary on Students need to be able to use these words in conversations about mixtures and solutions. They need to be able to respond to situations fluently using their vocabulary words. We will have more than a week of review and a quiz or two before the final unit test.

December DOJO's Record

For the month of December students had to have an 80% positive or more DOJO percentage. All fifth graders except 3 students qualified for our TECH Time Reward! Starting the third marking period, they will have to have an 85% positive DOJO percentage. The top 5 percentages in my homeroom were: Katie 100%, Alyssa 99%, Sarah 99%, Maya 97% and Cheryl and Reese at 95%. They earned an extra bonus for such a high percentage. The following students earned the most positive DOJOs: James 94, Reese and Logan 78, Alyssa 76 and Layla 75. The class voted and we decided that the highest percentage of positive DOJO's trumps the highest DOJO's.

Fairview Outdoor Training Reminder:

Fairview Outdoor School

In April (19-22) our fifth graders will be going to Claud E. Kitchens Fairview Outdoor School. We will be there for 4 days and 3 nights. We will be following a science curriculum while we are there. We would like to offer the possible opportunity to take 4 parent chaperones with us. We want to take 2 moms and 2 dads with us that are willing to stay the entire time with us. We will try to take a mom and a dad from each class. If you are wanting to go, please fill out the information as asked. Parents that want to go, MUST attend one of the training sessions listed: Dec. 7th, Dec. 21, Jan. 4, Feb. 1 or Feb. 29 from 5:00 - 6:15 at Fairview Outdoor School which is located at 12808 Draper Road Clear Spring, MD 21722. You will need to take your drivers liscense with you for a background check.